Remote Patient Monitoring (KardiaPro)

A mobile one-lead ECG device incorporated in a symptom-driven remote arrhythmia monitoring program. The first 5,982 Hartwacht ECGs.

At last, mobile health leading to a diagnosis in a young patient with congenital heart disease.

First real-world experience with mobile health telemonitoring in adult patients with congenital heart disease.

Accuracy of AF Algorithm - KardiaMobile

iPhone ECG application for community screening to detect silent atrial fibrillation: a novel technology to prevent stroke.

Feasibility and cost-effectiveness of stroke prevention through community screening for atrial fibrillation using iPhone ECG in pharmacies. The SEARCH-AF study.

Screening for atrial fibrillation during influenza vaccinations by primary care nurses using a smartphone electrocardiograph (iECG): a feasibility study.

Clinical validation of heart rate apps: mixed-methods evaluation study.

Detection of atrial fibrillation with a smartphone camera : first prospective, international, two-centre, clinical validation study (DETECT AF PRO).

Assessing the accuracy of an automated atrial fibrillation detection algorithm using smartphone technology : The iREAD Study.

Accuracy of blinded clinician interpretation of single-lead smartphone electrocardiograms and a proposed clinical workflow.

Accuracy of AF Algorithm - KardiaBand

iPhone ECG application for community screening to detect silent atrial fibrillation: a novel technology to prevent stroke.

Arrhythmia Assessment

Accuracy of AF Algorithm - KardiaBand

Diagnostic utility of real-time smartphone ECG in the initial investigation of palpitations.

ECG measurement parameters of athletes are reliable when made with a smartphone based ECG device.

Modified positioning of a smartphone based single-lead electrocardiogram device improves detection of atrial flutter.

Comparing a mobile ECG device with Holter monitoring for patients with palpitations in an urgent care setting: a preliminary study.

Wearable devices for cardiac rhythm diagnosis and management.

Early detection of atrial fibrillation-atrial flutter using remote patient monitoring.

Multi-centre randomised controlled trial of a smartphone-based event recorder alongside standard care versus standard care for patients presenting to the emergency department with palpitations and pre-syncope: the IPED (Investigation of Palpitations in the ED) study.

NICE guidance: lead-I ECG devices for detecting symptomatic atrial fibrillation using single time point testing in primary care.

Rise of the smart device ECG and what it means for the general cardiologist.

Diagnostic accuracy of a smartphone-operated, single-lead electrocardiography device for detection of rhythm and conduction abnormalities in primary care.

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