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Prevent CVD risk with these 8 heart healthy habits

Making healthy lifestyle choices can help you prevent heart disease. Your habits lead to your future and can influence your health. For matters of your heart, healthy habits can limit the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The human heart beats about 60 times every minute, 100,000 times a day, 35 million times a year, and 2.5 billion times over a lifetime. It is your responsibility to take care of an organ that is always running.

Here are some tried-and-tested habits that can improve your heart health.

1. Maintain an ideal weight

If you flounder to keep a healthy weight, you’re not alone. We all at some point or the other, gain extra pounds. To avoid that, start with setting a more workable goal.

Make lifestyle modifications like tracking your diet and cutting out excess junk food. When you embrace this approach, it will be much easier to lose extra fat and better to keep the weight off over time.

2. Enhance Your Workout Routine

It is one of the first few steps you can take to enhance your heart health. Boosting the dose of exercise will yield huge rewards, and enhancing your fitness level allows you to maintain a healthier weight.

3. Focus on your mental health

Stress has a direct impact on our body and can cause harm to our heart health. So to avoid impeding your health, try making time for things that help you de-stress. Try meditating, talking with your loved ones, stepping outside, reading a book, or exercising.

4. Get Ample Sleep

While most of us often do not get the eight hours of sleep we need. A good night's sleep is vital to our health, as failing to do so can lead to high blood pressure and inflammation.

5. Get an annual health Check-Up

If you avoid going for an annual check-up, you should now make it a part of your health regime. When it comes to your health, prevention is the best strategy. As a result of today's busy lives, people are being stressed more and more. Patterns of stress have become more and more common among children and adults.

Stress causes a variety of diseases including hypertension, high blood pressure, depression, asthma, and mental illnesses. An annual health checkup ensures none of these conditions crosses into the secondary stage and remains well controlled.

6. Avoid Excessive Sugar Intake

It is best to cut-off sugary foodstuffs from your diet or, at the very least, reduce your intake of them. Instead of reaching for biscuits, chocolate, or other sugary desserts, consider replacing fresh fruit as a healthier alternative to meet your sweets craving.

7. Quit smoking and downsize Alcohol Intake

Quitting smoking is hard, but it is one of the leading reasons linked to heart failure. Reducing the intake of alcohol and caffeinated beverages is also important to ease your sleep and relieve stress.

8. Monitor your heart with KardiaMobile 6L

KardiaMobile 6L is the world’s first and only US- FDA cleared six-lead personal ecg monitoring system that helps to track your heart six times better. You can take a medical-grade ECG in just 30 seconds and detect possible arrhythmias. It helps your doctor have a more accurate sight of your heart health and can utilize the readings to help determine other cardiac arrhythmias.

Deep down you know that these habits will help you live longer. If you decide to make yourself fitter this year, consult your doctor about ways to lose weight, be more active and focus on your mental health. For enhancing your heart health in the upcoming year, AliveCor is there to address your requirements and concerns.

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