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AliveCor India’s Guide to a Heart-Healthy Holi

Throughout India, Holi is marked by colours, togetherness, family, and most importantly, happiness. But, festivals are the times when we let loose and often neglect our health. We want you to make Holi a heart-healthy celebration too.

Holi is a festival where you can go overboard with eating your favourite sweets because festivals are the perfect ‘cheat days’. However, before you consider eating too many of your treasured delicacies, it’s essential to consider if they are fit for your heart.

_Gujia by far _is the most popular sweet that people eat on the occasion of Holi. Whether you buy them or prepare them at home, they increase blood glucose levels. High blood glucose is never good if you have a heart condition or are diabetic . uncontrolled blood glucose could worsen diabetes- that could be a cause of heart disease, blindness, kidney failure, and various other complications. Read further to understand how you can celebrate Holi without compromising your heart health.

How to Celebrate Holi in a Heart-Healthy Way

**Avoid Consuming Cannabis **

Bhang is a variety of cannabis, and is commonly consumed on the occasion of Holi. It is an edible mixture that is made from the buds, leaves, and flowers of the female cannabis or marijuana plant. On Holi, Bhang has traditionally been added to food items or drinks too. For thousands of years bhang has been a part of Hindu religious practices, rituals and festivals.

Cannabis may have medicinal properties, but it is considered harmful to the heart and blood vessels, according to the report from the American Heart Association (AHA)1. Chemicals in cannabis have been linked to a higher risk for heart attack, heart failure, and atrial fibrillation.

So, if you are a heart patient, you must steer clear of the consumption of cannabis. In addition, it is even harmful to people without pre-existing heart problems as it may increase the heart rate.

Avoid Chemical Rich Colours

It is important to pick your Holi colours wisely. Industrial dyes are used in Holi celebrations as they are cheaper and brighter. These colours, however, take a toll on your health. Synthetic colours contain cheap, toxic substances containing mica, acids, alkalis, and pieces of glass that adversely impact your health.

These include hair and skin problems like abrasions, irritation, rashes, allergies, eye infections, hair roughness, etc. These colours can cause severe health problems such as impaired vision, respiratory issues, and even cancer.

**Relax. Don’t Rush. **

Holi brings a lot of hustle and bustle as usually there’s so much going on. However, if you are a heart patient, consider avoiding the crowds. Refrain from doing too much to and fro, running errands frequently and try avoiding running & excessive exertion at all costs.

Excessive physical activity may put your heart at risk. According to a new study in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings2, people who exercise more than the current recommendation - 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity a week - may be at a higher risk of early heart disease. Too much physical movement can also cause fatigue and increase stress, which can cause your heart to beat faster.

The hustle could hurt your heart.

Keep a Check on Cholesterol Consumption

Most of the food at festivals, including Holi, comprises desserts and sweets. These delicacies are too tempting to dive into and it might seem impossible to control oneself. Eat some, but try not to overindulge. Maintain a healthy cholesterol level by eating sweets and dishes with less oil and ghee.

Monitor Your Heart Health On the Go

Lastly, always carry KardiaMobile 6L with you to monitor how your heart is doing, anytime, anywhere. KardiaMobile 6L is the world’s first and only US FDA cleared 6 Lead personal ECG that records a medical-grade ECG in just 30 seconds. It can detect possible arrhythmias and allow you to connect with your doctor remotely, helping make quick and critical treatment decisions when it really matters.

Final Thought

Have fun playing Holi with your loved ones while keeping your heart healthy. It's crucial to control your desires from eating junk food and sugary snacks. Enjoy a wonderful holiday with your family by doing the right thing- which means keeping each other safe and sound. AliveCor India wishes you a happy and heart-healthy Holi!


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